Board analysis is the examination of a board and its structure to determine whether it has the right mix of knowledge, experience and objectiveness from within and outside the company to support the CEO and formulate strategy. A comprehensive evaluation of a board's composition can help identify gaps in skill sets or the lack of commitment to adopting strategies identified to improve and grow.

The most effective boards are distinguished by a chemistry that is built on trust, openness, and collaboration. They ask the management key questions and concentrate on the long-term health of the business. They work with stakeholders to understand their vested interests, address issues and make necessary changes to corporate behavior and create an impact.

A logical method for determining how an organization's performance compares to its desired output is by using the process chart. The goal of a process chart is to provide an at-a-glance view of the entire production process and help reduce bottlenecks, delays or waste.

The Chess Analysis Set is a unique piece of chess that is a combination of a chessboard and pieces of chess, as well with a computer-based analysis function. Located below the chess board you can select from several options like "Flip Board," "Board editor" or "Continue from here." The analysis feature highlights the mistakes and mistakes made by both players by choosing any move. The analysis will show you the most effective arrow movements and allows you to export the analysis as an Study (FEN) or PGN file.

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