Email is a valuable software, however it can also be one of many easiest ways for online hackers to steal sensitive information. That's why you should try to utilize a secure email provider that gives end-to-end encryption. In this article, we will introduce you to 13 of the best secure email suppliers that offer equally robust security and a great user experience.


Developed by researchers in CERN, Proton Ship is a leading choice designed for users interested in protect themselves against phishing and scammers. It offers a fairly easy setup method, and apps for iOS and Android os. It uses open-source software with true end-to-end encryption, and a zero-knowledge resistant that even Proton Email staff won't be able to read the emails. Wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) Mail likewise operates subterranean servers in Switzerland, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction that's not part of any surveillance alliances.


Tutanota is another great protect email hosting company with an emphasis on durability. The company makes use of green electricity provider, and functions its data centers without foreign capital or private components. This company also scrambles emails among its users immediately using AES encryption, and offers two-factor authentication and image stopping. It's a wonderful option for active supporters and workers and media who need to keep anonymous.


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